Two-thirds of Brazilians play some kind of electronic game–most of them on their phones. Among these players, 82% watch video ads to earn extra items or lives instead of paying for them. The data is from the Mobile Gaming survey, made by AdColony (represented in Brazil by Adsmovil) in partnership with OnDevice. The study also pointed out that the majority of respondents (72%) Plays on their phones every day.

The smartphone is the main game platform among Brazilians (83%), according to another study, the research Game Brasil 2019. Secondly comes the videogame console (48.5%) and third, notebooks (42.6%). Smartphone mobility is the most important criterion for these players, according to the research, made by the Sioux Group, Blend News Research, ESPM and Go Gamers.

With regard to advertising in the games, one in four people who watch the videos says they remember the ads they saw. "Brazil is undoubtedly one of the countries with the highest receptivity in relation to advertising in the environment of mobile devices," said Alberto Pardo, CEO of Adsmovil.

One of the reasons for this receptivity, according to the executive, is that the advertising video format within the game is not considered invasive, since the user himself chooses to see the ad in exchange for some benefit in the game.

With the tools available to agencies and advertisers, you can identify a single user and classify them according to their behavior in the application environment–for example, by which content you browse, which applications you have installed, with which Ads interacts and where it usually transiting more often. "Today, few brands show resistance to advertising in mobile games," said Pardo.

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