The research Game Brasil (PGB) for some years now raises a small panorama of who are the players here in the country. In 2019, there is a change in the national market with a predominance of the PlayStation 4 among videogames. The study also emphasizes the dominance of smartphones and the majority of women among players.

PGB was conducted by Sioux Group, Blend and ESPM and is in the sixth edition. It is necessary to keep in mind that only 3,251 people were consulted in a quantitative questionnaire sent online between the 5th and 8th of February. The predominance is the response of people from São Paulo, with 34.2%.

Of all respondents, 66% said they played some kind of game. "The research considered that gamers are all those who claimed to have the habit of playing digital games, regardless of game style, frequency throughout the week, duration of matches and knowledge about games, software and related hardware", points out the study.

Of these, 53% are women, following the majority track recorded also last year (58.9%). In terms of age, the range of 25 to 24 years is predominant (37.7%), followed by 35 to 54 years (34.7%). This reinforces world studies that point out the aging of the gamer public as a market trend.


An interesting change of research is the elevation of the number of players for current generation of consoles. Last year, the Xbox 360 dominated among respondents with 32% of the total (the number was already declining from 44.2% to 2017).

This year, it appears in second place with 32.8% of the total. So, who assumes as the most popular console in this search is the PlayStation 4, with 37.6%. In the 2018 survey, he bittered a fourth placement with only 22% of the answers, behind the PS2 and PS3.

The document also shows an increase in Xbox One that has risen its number from 14.6% in 2018 to 19.2%. The numbers here do not take into account the premium versions of PlayStation or Xbox.

The Switch was cited only by 4.7% of respondents, remaining behind even the Wii.


The study, once again, reinforces the predominance of mobile platforms. In total, 83% said to play on smartphones, versus 48.5% on consoles, 42.6% in notebooks and 42.4% on PCs. It is worth noticing that this account does not sum 100%, because the same respondent can answer more than one alternative.

The study also divides into respondents who consider themselves to be either hardcore or casual. "Most of the casual gamer audience is feminine. They like PCs and videogames, but they dominate the consumption of games on smartphones, with a public two times bigger than hardcore gamers. Being casual does not mean playing little: they usually play up to three times a week in sessions of up to 3 hours, where 4 out of 10 casual admit that games are their preferred form of entertainment. Nevertheless, they prefer to download free games, "the study points out.

Among the hardcore, with only 32% of the total, there is a predominance of men, directed to games preferentially long and who are willing to spend more on their titles.

On smartphones, most players use an Android device (79%), from Samsung (45.8%), Motorola (29.3%). Apple users add up to 18.1%.

The research also deepens in the computer market, a segment in high industry today. At least half of the respondents play in notebooks, being 40% in PCs. Just over 30% of the total has some type of device targeted to the gamer audience.


In terms of electronic sports, research shows that most already hear about the sector, and 48% said to play some kind of game of style. As for the consumption of news on e-sports, 30.3% said rarely access information about the sector, with 20.7% accompanying e-sports news every day.

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