Make much better use of the research through our consulting package.

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Below are some of the possibilities in which our specialists can help:

  • Gamifying processes in corporate education
  • Relationship with brands (How to relevantly take a stand in this sector)
  • Creation and development of Digital Games and Advergames
  • Content Production, Community Management, and Influencers
  • eSports and the unfolding of key trends

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    Main competitive edge and advantages?

    Better use of data

    New data correlation, in-depth analyzes to bring your company's goal in the gamer segment into detail. Basis for analysis and numbers that strengthen strategic decisions.

    Customized customer service

    We offer professionals who participate directly in the Game Brazil Research process with experience in the entire games and eSports ecosystem to direct their business actions.

    Game Specialists

    Knowledge and experience in the application of the main pillars that make up the game industry such as Game Marketing, Gamification and Game Development.

    Continuous assistance

    We offer consultancy and monitoring for your company to take advantage of the research data even more, with a planned and coordinated management with your business.

    How the consulting works?


    Heuristic analysis

    Definition of business objectives, market analysis, tactical targeting toward a plan of action.


    Workshop - Active methodology and framework according to your needs.

    Co-creation of content, development of the Double Diamond/Octalysis framework or of any other that fits your reality better.


    Solutions, prototypes, tests

    Browsable prototype simulating deliveries and experiences of the proposed solution.