• Women are the majority of the public gamer, representing 53% of the players;
  • Smartphones are the most used devices to play (83%), followed by consoles (48.5%);
  • The Playstation 4 is the predominant videogame in the home of gamers;
  • 60.3% of respondents have heard about eSports and 48% play or practice the modality;
  • Most parents interviewed (77.3%) Likes the kids to play.

Held in February with more than 5000 people in the Brazilian territory, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia, the research Game Brasil 2019, conducted by the Sioux Group, Blend News Research and ESPM – through Gamelab and Go Gamers, revealed that 66.3% of Brazilians have the habit of playing electronic games, regardless of the platform, and 58.6% of them make these games their main form of entertainment.

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Still according to the survey, 83% of respondents play on their mobile phone, while 48.5% also use the consoles and 42.3% the notebooks. As for preference, smartphones appear with 45.3%, followed by videogames (26.5%) and computers (12.8%).

For the fourth consecutive year, women are the majority among gamers, representing 53% of the population. Regarding the age group, most players are between 25 and 54 years, 61.9% of the interviewed population. Lucas Pestalozzi, President of Blend New Research, explains that children and teenagers born from the 1980 years, who grew up surrounded by digital games, are today in this age group

In the research, there is a highlight for two profiles of gamers, the "hardcore" and the "casual". Mauro Berimbau, professor and coordinator of Gamelab at ESPM, says that the concept of the word was not defined for the interviewees, so that they fit into the categories themselves.

The results showed that "hardcore gamers" are mostly men (58.9%) Between 25 and 34 years (41.3%), which play more on the islands. The "casual gamers" are more represented by women (58.8%) Between 25 and 34 years (35.9%) Who prefer the cell phone.


The most used operating system on mobile devices is Android, with 79.9%; Followed by iOS (16.4%) and Windows (2.2%). The most present brand was Samsung, with 45.8%. In the following appear Motorola (29.3%) and Apple (18.1%).

Strategy games are the most played on mobile devices. 43% of respondents stated "not playing much or little" and "playing too" the genre. Even if the idea of mobile is associated with playing anywhere, 89.9% of respondents said that the main moment of consumption of games on mobile is indoors. The "on Shift or transit" option appeared in 4.7% of the replies.


With regard to gaming preferences, 37.6% of respondents have a Playstation 4. Following are the Xbox 360 (32.8%), the Playstation 2 (23.7%), the Playstation 3 (23.3%) and Xbox One (19.2%).

It is noteworthy that the consoles of previous generations are still more present among Brazilians, even with announcements of a new Xbox Project Scarlett for 2020 and also the Playstation 5.

The most played genres are those of action, with 44.4%, and sports, with 39.5%.

Among the interviewees who have a console, 50.1% use the device only to play, while 43.6% use it also to listen to music and watch movies and series.


Conventional laptops and notebooks are the most used by players (50.1%), followed by desktops (40.5%), Custom Gamer Desktops (17.3%), gamer notebooks (14.2%). Even with less presence, 36.6% of respondents described the custom desktop gamer as the platform that offers the best gaming experience.

Samsung (26.5%) and Dell (22.6%) are among the computer brands that users most possess. Both are also pointed out as the best to play, although the North American appears in front of the Korean.

In computers, the most played genres are strategy (35.9%), action (32.8%) and shooter/shooter (30.3%). 91.6% of the players dedicate themselves to the activity when they are at home.


Most respondents – 60.3% – have heard about electronic sports. Of this total, 48% play or practice the modality, 39.1% do not venture and 12.9% intend to play. Only 20.6% of the people who responded to the survey already participated in some league in the modality. Of this total, 49.8% have already earned money from the activity.

In content consumption, 20.7% accompany daily news from the area. Most (30.3%) Rarely accompanies and 27.2% dedicates a day in the week to attend or report on the topic.

Parents and children

Among the children of parents interviewed, 84% usually play electronic games. Of this total, 73.4% are boys and 47.6% girls. Most parents interviewed (63%) Like children to play, but with caveats, and 24.3% are all in favor. Parents totally opposed to practice represent only 1.1% of respondents. Those who do not like the proximity of the children with the games, but allow them, make up other 11.6%. Parents playing with children are majority: 68.2%.

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