PGB 2021

8th edition

Gamer behavior, consumer habits and trends in Latin America.


The Research


Questions and Analysis

The entire survey is developed with proprietary questionnaires with wide coverage and topics that involve the gamer audience and its entire ecosystem, in Brazil and Latin America in key countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.



· 4 P’s (Perception, Possession, Passion and Plan)
· Juul's method


Target Audience

16 to 65 years old, all genders, race and color. For methodological and ethical reasons, we do not directly interview minors under 16 years of age. Information about the consumption habits of digital games in children and adolescents within this range is collected through their parents. The number of respondents older than 54 years was statistically irrelevant to the survey and, therefore, were not considered in the weightings.


Regions (Brazil)

The research is applied in the national territory, based on the distribution of the Brazilian population according to the IBGE. The states are: Acre (AC), Alagoas (AL), Amapá (AP), Amazonas (AM), Bahia (BA), Ceará (CE), Federal District (DF), Espirito Santo (ES), Goiás (GO) , Maranha (MA), Mato Grosso (MT), Mato Grosso do Sul (MS), Minas Gerais (MG), Pará (PA), Paraíba (PA), Paraná (PR), Pernambuco (PE), Piauí (PI) , Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Rio Grande do Norte (RN), Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Rondônia (RO), Roraima (RR), Santa Catarina (SC), São Paulo (SP), Sergipe (SE) , Tocantins (TO).


Quality Control and Review

The entire validation and review process is conducted by professionals with experience and academic training in various skills such as advertising, marketing, gamification, statistics, journalism, creation and management. In addition, extensive experience in the games and entertainment market, from the point of view of business and final audience.



Interviews 100% online.

What was researched?

Behavior and trends

We analyze the type of behavior and relationship of the gamer audience on the platforms Smartphone, Console and PC, understanding all the particularities, preferences and activities that are part of each one.

Gaming industry trends

We identified the main trends and behavior of the gamer audience and the experience with the games, with detailed analysis of knowledge and activity in a list of more than 200 games.

Gamer profile

Through the behavior results we can analyze which are the different player profiles, whether Hardcore, Casual or another that is present on any of the platforms.

Brand relationship

We analyze the relationship that the gamer audience has through an exclusive panel with more than 100 brands from different segments, and that today are present in the daily lives of gamers in different ways.


The democratization of games and the impact of the pandemic.

In all editions of the PGB, we seek to ask players about issues at the time. In this edition, we could not ignore the effect of social isolation caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 and its variants, which ended up impacting our society in different ways.

We also paid attention to the ethnicity of Brazilian players. Almost half of the population identified themselves as white, but another half identified themselves as brown or black. This makes evident the particularities of the Brazilian ethnic composition, sometimes ignored in the communication with the consumer - including the game player.

Regardless of platform, the Brazilian is a great player in digital games. For the first time in the Game Brazil Survey, we mapped the player's profile in relation to some consumption characteristics commonly associated with what is meant by gamer. Several statements were made about the habits and values ​​of the consumer of digital games so that we can know if the current consumer of digital games identifies with these attributes, or if it is just a socially reinforced stereotype.

PGB Data Insights

The exclusive data platform

The PGB Data Insights platform, allows the consultation and cross-checking of various data presented in the PGB. Through it it is possible to filter information about profile, games, platforms, brands and eSports. Enabling a quick consultation of data, meeting the specific need for each client.

Evaluate the 2021 platform update calendar throughout the year.


8th Edition Theme

Following the same methodology as in previous years, the PGB had the participation of 11 thousand people, interviewed in Brazil in 26 states and in the Federal District. The interviews were conducted in February, and served as a photograph about the behavior of consumers of digital games, mainly during the period of social isolation caused by COVID-19.


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