The research Game Brasil 2019, conducted by Blend New Research and Sioux, was unveiled, tracing the profile of the Brazilian player. According to the data obtained with 5,110 people interviewed in Brazil in 26 states and in the Federal district and in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia, 66.4% of the Brazilian population plays electronic games.

Of this total of players, 61.9% is in the age range between 25 and 54 years. According to Lucas Pestalozzi, president of Blend New Research, this "counterstates the common sense that gamers are teenagers. This makes sense with the evolution of the industry and national trade of digital games, present in a significant way in the country since the beginning of the years 1980 ".

As for the most common platform, Brazilians have the smartphone in the first place with 83%, consoles with 48.5% and PC (geared to play) with 42.6%. In terms of the preferred platform for gaming, smartphones have 45.3%, consoles have 26.5% and computers have 12.8%.

As seen, mobile devices are featured. 83% of the population uses the mobile phone to play games. Among the reasons for this is the possibility of playing anywhere (31.4%), the practicality of the apparatus (31.0%), always having it at hand (30.6%), being accessible (21.8%) and easier (16.9%).

Consoles and PC

Among the players who prefer the consoles, the reasons that lead them to like it are: graphics/images (35.3%), greater control (29.8%), more practical (25.4%) and does not lock (18.2%). As for players who prefer the PC, there is a similar requirement for the graphics of the Games (26%). The second point considered is practicality (24.2%) Control (20.4%) and freedom (18.6%).

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