The practicality, the causality, the improvement in Internet speed are some of the reasons that kept the smartphone among the devices most used to play among Brazilians. 83% of the multiple choice responses in the 6th edition of the Game Brasil 2019 survey, on the profile of the Brazilian player, show that the mobile device is the most used platform, followed by videogames (48.5%) and notebooks (42.6%). But the phone is also the preferred medium, with 45.3%, followed by videogames (26.5%), and PCs (12.8%). The study done by the Sioux Group, Blend News Research and ESPM, listened to 3,251 thousand users in Brazil and, this year, also interviewed 1,859 players from Latin American countries (Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile), totaling 5110 people.

It is worth stressing that of the users heard, 66.3% say they play independently of the platform.

"There has been a change over the years in the issue of playing with the strong entry of mobile phones and tablets. Nowadays, smartphones are in the hands of everyone, the speed of the Internet has improved and, by this set of factors, has transformed the smartphone into the most practical platform. We can play in line at the bank on the bus. Just draw your phone and start playing. Another important point is the possibility that developers have come to have to publish their games in the app stores, which are open to everyone, something impossible when we talk about games fo[na pesquisa identificados como videogames]r consoles or PCs, since they need a great publisher to Publish. There was a democratization of the process and the game is available to everyone, "explained Danilo Parise, Director of marketing and product of the Sioux Group.

The research numbers corroborate what Parise explained. For the interviewees, when choosing the reasons for their preferences, users say that it is on account of practicality (29%[ter sempre à mão]), access (28%), be able to play anywhere (28%) and be accessible (21%) and image quality (18%) As the items most cited by consumers, scholars see a clear perception of the game in mobile and the convenience that users seek.

The document also reveals that mobile games are territories of casual gamers, or casual players. They represent 58% of respondents and play on their smartphones up to three times a week, in matches that last from 1h to 3h per week and buy up to three games a year.

In counterpoint to the casual gamer, the search identified the hardcore gamer (person who likes to play and plays more often) as a user of video game consoles (42%), who play more than three times a week, with matches that last on average 3h; and buy More than 10 games per year.

"The phone is not only the most used platform, but the favorite of casual players. And developers and publishers for consoles and PCs are aware of this. So much is that many of the games released lately are multiplatform and can be played on smartphones. That's one way to enable the hardcore gamer to play on the mobile device and have that experience, "Parise said.

Latin America

The study had a cut-off to other Latin American countries for the first time. Listening to users from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Chile, the survey shows that smartphones are also the favorite devices to play with, with 81% of the answers. Videogame still appears with 33% and tablet with 20%.


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