New edition of the Game Brazil survey shows that 66.3% of Brazilians play games

More than half of the Brazilian population has fun with electronic games.

This is what indicates the sixth edition of the Game Brazil survey, conducted by the Sioux Group, Blend News Research, ESPM, through Gamelab and Go Gamers.

Conducted by the participation of 5110 people interviewed in 26 states of Brazil, in the Federal district and also in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, the survey indicates that 66.3% of Brazilians play electronic games.

In this group, in turn, about 62% are in the age range between 25 and 54 years.

Of the total number of players, smartphones are the preferred platform to enjoy games, followed by consoles and in third place the notebooks appear.

More details can be checked by downloading a free version of the survey, available on the official Game Brazil search website.

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