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  • Brazilian Gamer Profiles
  • Top gaming platforms
  • eSports: habits and trends
  • Brazilian gamer habits
  • Brands
  • Parents, children and games
  • A lot more!
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IMPORTANT: This edition is only available in Brazilian Portuguese

In this more complete version of the PGB you will have

  • full report PGB Standard
  • 3 acess to PGB Data Insights

In addition to all the data from the PGB Brazil version, in the Premium edition you gain access to the PGB Data Insights platform, where you can quickly consult and make comparisons and analyzes.

The PGB Data Insights in its version 1.0 will present the detailed data of Profiles, Games and Platforms, and as of MAY / 2021 other panels will be inserted for subscribers to consult rankings and new data, check out:

eSports: Ranking (Games), Players Profile, Celebrities and Teams
Brands: Ranking (General Public and eSports)
Accessories & Brands (PC Platform)

Trend Map: In this space it will be possible to compare data from previous PGBs and understand the curve year after year of data such as: Black Friday, eSports, Virtual Reality, Game Ranking and others.


  • Access will be available until MARCH / 2022
  • Check the availability date of each panel

Check out all the information for this edition:

  • Demographic
  • Geographical
  • Race and Color
  • Sexuality
  • Socioeconomic
  • Behavioral
  • Family Relationship
  • Family income
  • Gamer / Non-Gamer


  • Preferred platform
  • Platform that owns
  • Main brands (smartphone, tablet, pc, laptop and consoles)
  • Knowledge about Virtual Reality
  • Gaming experience (+200 games)
  • Playing frequency
  • Estimated gaming session time
  • Subscription services experience
  • Online experience
  • Where people play
  • Perception about advertising in games
  • Where gamers look for information and news
  • Type of content and channels gamers watch
  • How much they invest in games or equipment
  • Purchase moment (pre-sale, launch or catalog)
  • Places and establishments where they invest in games (physical stores, digital stores, official resellers and others)
  • Main categories of accessories
  • Other activities they do on devices besides gaming


  • Knowledge about eSports
  • Tournament participation
  • Most watched games
  • Most played games
  • Main consumer channels (Social networks, paid TV, broadcast and others)
  • Most consumed content type
  • Consumption frequency
  • The main personalities
  • The main teams and athletes
  • How they follow tournaments
  • What are the main genre
  • What are the main tournaments


  • Game consumption behavior
  • Spending on games
  • Content consumption
  • Online experience
  • Opinion on national vaccination


  • Favorite type of entertainment
  • What other activities they do while playing
  • Physical activities
  • Major internet operators
  • Places they usually go (bars, cinema, restaurants, shopping and others)
  • Complementary content (paid TV, books, podcasts, social networks and others)
  • Video streaming platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Globo Play and others)
  • Audio streaming platforms (Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube Music and others)
  • Favorite genres of films and TV series
  • Favorite music genres
  • Favorite genres of books
  • Favorite type of drink and food
  • Type of food doctrine
  • Types of sports they watch (football, basketball, volleyball and others)
  • Black Friday shopping experience


Knowledge and relationship with 14 brand segments such as:

  • Gaming Accessories (Headphones, gaming chair, mouse and others)
  • Taxi apps
  • Food delivery apps
  • Automobiles
  • Banks
  • Credit card
  • Cosmetics
  • Energy drinks
  • Soft drinks
  • Snacks
  • Telephony
  • Shoes
  • Tv’s
  • Clothing