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On every edition of the PGB, our team of experts develops additional studies which are shared for free, with the goal to spread information and support the understanding and directions to strategic topics.

In this section, we have available studies ranging from analyses of player behavior and profiles, such as sectors and brands that stand out in offering products and services increasingly targeted to the consumer audience of digital games.

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1. Choose the year of the desired Report

We provide the e-books of the last four years for reading and downloading.

2. Access the download page

Once you click Download, you will be redirected to an exclusive page of the selected edition.

3. Enter your data

It is necessary to enter some data, such as your name, e-mail address, phone, company, and work field.

4. Submit the form and wait

After the data is sent, you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail. Check your spam folder if you do not see it.

5. Receive the confirmation by e-mail

Through this e-mail, you will be able to click on the download button. Check your permissions and your pop-up blockers.

6. Download the Report

The file is available in .zip and .pdf formats. Check your permissions and your pop-up blockers.

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