PGB Latam (2024)

PGB Latam (2024)

11th Edition

R$ 10.990,00

The Latam edition brings full details about their behavior and consuming habits of gamers in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, México and Peru.

In this edition, you will find:

1. Full report of data and analyses of the PGB 2024

2. 3 accesses to PGB Data Insights

Check out below all the information
that is part of this version:

  • Demographic
  • Age Group
  • Socio-economic Group
  • Gender
  • Household Income
  • Gamer Persona (Hardcore & Casual)
  • Race
  • Behavior and consumption of games
  • Games (knowledge and experience)
  • Preferred platform
  • Frequency and time playing
  • Platforms and type of content
  • Online Experience
  • Subscription Services
  • Advertising in games
  • Experience and moment of purchase
  • Stores where they buy games and accessories
  • Types of expenses with games 
  • Activities beyond gaming
  • Brands (knowledge, ownership, and experience)
  • Virtual Reality
  • The impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Financial Education 
  • Cryptocurrencies, NFT, and knowledge of pay-to-earn games
  • Accessibility in games
  • Metaverse: behavior, consumption, and engagement
  • Activities while playing
  • Consumption of products
  • Streaming Platforms (Video and Music)
  • Activities while at home
  • Genres of Movies, TV Shows, and Books
  • Type of consumption and channels (news, influencers, and others)
  • Sporting Habits
  • Consumption of Traditional Sports
  • Food Routine

PGB Data Insights

All the data collected by PGB 2024 Latam will be available on an exclusive platform. On PGB Data Insights Latam, it is possible to cross-reference data, making it possible to create new analyses, according to your needs and business strategy.

PGB Data Insights Latam is in its 2.0 version, introducing global filters such as: player profiles (hardcore and casual), gender, age group, preferred platform, and region. There are more than 20 dashboards.

IMPORTANT: access will only be available until March/2023

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