PGB BR Master

PGB BR Master

9th Edition

R$ 12.990,00

This more complete version of the PGB includes:

1. Full report of data and analyses of the PGB 2022

2. 3 accesses to PGB Data Insights

3. 6 additional exclusive reports with new data and insights

The 6 exclusive reports will be developed throughout 2022 and present complementary studies and analyses to the 2022 edition’s data.

You can check below our roadmap of reports and the deliverables analyzed in each material. Adding to your knowledge about the profile of gamers in Brazil.

Check out the exclusive reports:


According to information and perceptions of parents regarding their children and digital games, we will have detailed information about their behavior and the profile of these children, such as their preferred platform, playing frequency, online experience, and other data.


The brand report presents an analysis of gamers’ relationship with different brands in different sectors of the economy. We analyze the knowledge, usage, and how these brands relate with games, contemplating the Banking sector, Payment Methods, Drinks, Food Services, Cosmetics, and more.


In the eSports reports, we have prepared a full analysis of the behavior of players and viewers of competitive games. We present analyses and data such as knowledge and practice of professional and amateur competitions, tournament preferences, betting, most-watched games, frequency and general consumption of content, teams, celebrities, and other related data.


As publishers ou publicadoras são as responsáveis pela produção e desenvolvimento dos jogos. Nesse relatório iremos aprofundar na relação de conhecimento e experiência com algumas das principais e qual a relação de consumo dos jogadores e seus jogos. Também analisamos os principais influenciadores, streamers e criadores de conteúdo nas diversas plataformas digitais e quais as relações de consumo de conteúdo dos jogadores e jogos digitais.


A partir do conhecimento, uso e experiência, teremos um aprofundamento nas principais marcas de acessórios e componentes do mercado de games. A partir dessas analises teremos uma visão detalhada da relação de consumo desses produtos em todas as plataformas, principalmente o PC Gamer que possui uma variedade de produtos oferecidos.


Através das informações gerais de perfil dos jogadores em cada uma das plataformas de games iremos analisar o tamanho e movimentação econômica do mercado consumidor de jogos digitais, como que o consumidor de jogos digitais gasta dinheiro com esses produtos, suas preferências e motivações. Mapeando assim os diversos perfis consumidores e as oportunidades com cada um.

Check out below all the information
that is part of this version:

  • Demographic
  • Age Group
  • Socio-economic Group
  • Gender
  • Household Income
  • Gamer Persona (Hardcore & Casual)
  • Race
  • Behavior and consumption of games
  • Games (knowledge and experience)
  • Preferred platform
  • Frequency and time playing
  • Platforms and type of content
  • Online Experience
  • Subscription Services
  • Advertising in games
  • Experience and moment of purchase
  • Stores where they buy games and accessories
  • Types of expenses with games 
  • Activities beyond gaming
  • Brands (knowledge, ownership, and experience)
  • Virtual Reality
  • Knowledge, Practice, Winnings, and Betting on games
  • Experience with games (most watched, played, and donations)
  • Types of channels (brands, specialized, teams, and more)
  • Platforms (social, TV, and more)
  • Celebrities, teams, and athletes
  • Where it is watched (arenas, digital, and more)
  • Tournaments and Modes
  • Consumption of Content
  • The impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Financial Education 
  • Cryptocurrencies, NFT, and knowledge of pay-to-earn games
  • Accessibility in games
  • Metaverse: behavior, consumption, and engagement
  • Activities while playing
  • Consumption of products
  • Streaming Platforms (Video and Music)
  • Activities while at home
  • Genres of Movies, TV Shows, and Books
  • Type of consumption and channels (news, influencers, and others)
  • Sporting Habits
  • Consumption of Traditional Sports
  • Food Routine
  • Black Friday sales
  • Food Apps
  • Transportation/Ridesharing Apps
  • Banks
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Toys
  • Credit Cards
  • Coffee
  • Cars 
  • Cosmetics
  • Candies/Snacks
  • Energy Drinks
  • Food Services
  • Clothing Stores
  • Payment Methods
  • Snacks
  • Sodas
  • Sneakers/Shoes/Accessories
  • Telecom Operators
  • TVs
  • Apparel

PGB Data Insights

All the data collected by PGB 2022 will be available on an exclusive platform. On PGB Data Insights, it is possible to cross-reference data, making it possible to create new analyses according to your needs and business strategy.

PGB Data Insights is in its 2.0 version, introducing global filters such as: player profiles (hardcore and casual), gender, age group, preferred platform, and region. There are more than 20 dashboards, which will be made available throughout 2022, according to the calendar of exclusive reports. Here are the main data dashboards:

Player Profile: demographic, in-game behavior, consuming habits, platforms, expenses, gaming experience, and more.

Loved Brands: general ranking of brands and sectors.

eSports: general consuming behavior, game rankings, teams, and celebrities.



Map of Trends: PGB Data Insights also presents comparative data from previous editions of the PGB dating back to 2019, making it possible to read the trend curves of some data, such as: Black Friday sales, eSports, Virtual Reality, Games, and more.

IMPORTANT: access will only be available until March/2023

Check the PGB 2022 calendar

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